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How To Prevent Ear Wax Build up: Best Practices and Habits

Our ear cleaning experts discuss the best practices and habits to prevent ear wax build up and ensure optimal ear health.

Ear wax, medically known as cerumen, is a natural substance produced by our bodies to protect and lubricate the ear canal. However, an excess build up of ear wax can lead to discomfort, hearing problems, and even infections. Fortunately, with proper care and preventive measures, you can maintain healthy ear hygiene and prevent the accumulation of excess ear wax. 


Understanding Ear Wax Build Up

Before we delve into prevention methods, it’s important to understand why ear wax build up occurs. Ear wax is produced by glands in the ear canal and typically migrates out of the ear naturally. However, various factors such as genetics, age, and improper cleaning habits can disrupt this process, leading to an accumulation of wax in the ear canal.


Expert tips for to Prevent Ear Wax Build Up:


1. Avoid Cotton Tips

Contrary to popular belief, cotton swabs should not be used for cleaning the ear canal. Inserting swabs into the ear canal can push wax further inside, leading to impaction. It can also cause damage to the ear canal and ear structure – instead, use swabs only to clean the outer parts of the ear.

2. Regular Ear Inspections

Include a gentle ear inspection as part of your regular hygiene routine. Use a mirror and a good source of light to look for any visible wax accumulation. If you notice excessive wax, consider taking preventive measures.


3. Natural Wax Migration

Allow the ear’s natural process of wax migration to occur. Simply wiping the outer ear with a damp cloth while showering may remove some excess wax from the ear canal. You could also use olive oil can or over-the-counter ear drops to help soften and loosen wax, making it easier to come out naturally.

NOTE: Do NOT use drops or olive oil in the ears if you have a perforated ear drum.


4. Visit us for Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

If you notice persistent ear wax build up or experience hearing difficulties, it’s wise to visit Ear Cleaning Clinic for microsuction ear wax removal. This procedure is gentle and efficient – and only takes 15 minutes!

Our Registered Nurses have undertaken extensive practical and theoretical training specifically focused on microsuction ear wax removal and ear health. Ear Cleaning Clinic offers a premium medical service using only the highest quality sterile tools and a surgical microscope. Using these tools allow us to see a full view of the ear canal and ear drum and thoroughly remove all ear wax.

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5. Avoid Excessive Moisture

While it’s important to keep the ear canal clean, excessive moisture from activities like swimming or prolonged exposure to humid environments can soften the wax and lead to blockages. Dry your ears gently after swimming or showering, or use an over the counter ear drop to prevent ear infections (like ear-clear etc).


6. Protect Your Ears

When engaging in activities that could introduce foreign objects into your ears, such as wearing headphones or earplugs, be cautious to avoid pushing debris further into the ear canal. If you do wear in-ear devices such as these, it often creates more wax as the ear is sensing there is a foreign body inside, therefore it will create more wax to protect the area. We recommend to people who wear in-ear devices have microsuction ear wax removal at least once or twice per year.

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