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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Gold Coast

Fast, Gentle & Efficient. Our non-invasive technology is the best method to clear blocked ears. Hear Better. Feel Better.

Do your ears feel blocked, itchy or sore?

Our dedicated Registered Nurses are AHPRA Division One and have undertaken extensive practical and theoretical training specifically focused on microsuction ear wax removal and ear health. 

Feel confident in visiting our skilled medical professionals with a collective experience of over 20 years in the ear health field.

Ear Cleaning Clinic stands out as the sole medical facility on the Gold Coast exclusively offering microsuction ear wax removal services. Our delightful team of Registered Nurses are at your service, performing expert-level microsuction procedures daily.

Ear Cleaning Clinic is the recommended choice for patients seeking a gentle and highly efficient ear care service. Book your appointment online.

Hours of Operation

* Please note: With Saturdays, the clinic opens the  1st Saturday of the month. All hours are subjected to change over certain periods of time.

What is Micro-suction?

A gentle, efficient and quick method of ear wax removal. Our Registered Nurses with special interest in ears use a binocular and bright light or surgical microscope – this allows a clear view into the ear canal, a small sucker works like a gentle vacuum to clear any ear wax, debris, or foreign objects from the ears.

Why is it the best ear wax removal method?

Micro-suction is the only method suitable for those who have had ear surgery – it is minimally invasive and holds far less risks than syringing or ear candling. Microsuction is considered gentle & efficient.

Micro-suction is suitable for

Infection debris
Individuals who have previously had ear surgery
The everyday person who requires the removal of ear wax or a foreign object

Do you have questions?

Checkout our FAQs where we explain all you need to know about microsuction, ear wax, infections, blockages, debris, GP info, 'Surfer's ear', dizziness, treatment for children and more.

Ear Cleaning Clinic is the only Gold Coast medical clinic that exclusively provides microsuction ear wax removal, our lovely Nurses perform microsuction all day, everyday (they’re the experts)!