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Ear Wax Removal for Surfers

Blocked or Itchy Ears?

Surfers and Swimmers may suffer from certain ear conditions and issues such as a build-up of sand, dry shedding skin, ear wax, or water trapped behind ear wax. Most of these issues can be resolved or maintained with 'microsuction and an appropriate management regime - see recommended products.

However, 'Surfer's Ear' may also be impacting.

'Surfer's Ear' / Exostoses FAQs

Surfers, swimmers, and divers are often exposed to cold water and wind. In response to the harsh combination, the ears attempt to protect the sensitive ear drum by producing bony growths.

However, unfortunately the growths do not diminish, in fact, they often continue to grow. Overtime, this causes narrowing of the ear canal, which in turn, can cause issues such as water trapping leading to infections, tinnitus, moist migrating skin, and hearing difficulties.

Micro-suction can help to remove the moist migrating skin and ear wax to prevent infections and future blocking. We cannot remove the bony overgrowths themselves – this requires surgery.

Yes, it is often called that.

Ear Plugs are the recommended prevention against Surfer’s ear. See here.