Ear Wax Removal for Tradies

Do you work with a large amount of dust? Are you a plasterer or concreter?

Please use waxsol (available at the chemist) for 2-3 days prior to your first visit with us. Typically, there is no preparation required for ear wax removal – however many tradesman’s ear wax sets like concrete due to surrounding particles and debris in their work environment.

This is highly recommended for Tradesmen, in particularly:

  • Plasterers
  • Concreters
  • Carpenters
  • Landscapers

In some cases, the wax will not dislodge in one session – you may have to soak the ears for a week and return (fee’s apply).

Therefore, this preparation is highly recommended to soften the wax and debris to allow for an easy wax removal experience.


*NOTE: Do not use waxsol if you have a perforation (hole in the ear drum) or grommets.