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It’s the best part of the year…

We generally try to keep our prices low all year round, therefore – we don’t usually have storewide sales…but, Black Friday is not to be missed.

This year, you can score your favourite ear care products for 25% off! It’s the perfect time to stock up before the summer holidays.


Our top picks include…



You’ll definitely be needing these if you’re going on an over night plane ride, family holiday, camping or a cruise.

With 99% noise blocking ability – these babies are our best-selling noise plugs and are not to be missed out on in this years BFCM. So-long snorers and screaming children ????

You can purchase these from just $9.74 in the sale

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Designed to block the water out, but let the sound in – these plugs are loved worldwide by professional surfers and many alike.

SurfEars come with all the parts you need to create a snug fit, including four different canal sizes and two wing options – it doesn’t get better than that!

Prevent your summer ear infections by grabbing your own for just 25% off in the sale


These natural ear sprays are fabulous to ease itchy ears in the humid weather. Take one with you on holiday in case your ears block up on the plane.

Earol is a medical grade olive oil – ie. it is much thinner than regular olive oil, and an all natural wax softener. The mist spray dispenser makes it easy for anyone to use and travel with.

Earol Swim is a medical grade olive oil with a hint of tea tree. The idea is that it can be used as a “natural ear plug” ideal for those who are prone to ear infections but don’t love the sensation of wearing an ear plug.

The olive oil creates a coating in the ear canal to repel water, whilst the tea tree works its antibacterial magic to assist in preventing outer ear infections. Both sprays are great for soothing itchy ears!

NOTE: Do not use these sprays or insert water into your ears if you have a perforation (hole) in your ear drum or grommets (ventilation tubes).

Shop Earol and Earol Swim at 25% off

Plus, there are plenty more ear care products to choose from!

We hope you enjoy shopping our biggest sale of the year, with FREE SHIPPING over $70, it’s time to stock up – thanks for supporting a small business ????

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