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Why is Wax stuck in my hearing aid?

Have you recently got hearing aids and noticed that wax is always stuck on the ear piece? You’re not alone! Hearing aid wearers suffer from an increase in wax production.


So, why are my ears making more wax?

Ear wax is produced to clean the ears from unwanted dust and bacteria – therefore wearing hearing aids cause the ears to produce more wax, as the ears can sense a “foreign object” inside the canal. A small amount of wax is good, however an over production can cause a number of issues.


What issues can excessive wax cause?

1. Dirty or unhygienic hearing aids

Pain in the ears. Hearing aids sit directly where wax is made, therefore each time you insert the device into the canal, it can push the wax further down. If not removed in time, this may cause the wax to harden to the eardrum like superglue (ie, painful and blocked – ouch!)

Diagram showing the ear, ear canal and ear drum

Hearing loss. When there is so much wax in the ears, the sound waves cannot be passed from the hearing aid to the brain as the wax acts as a sounding board. Therefore you experience hearing loss due to the wax because the hearing aids can’t “work” as efficiently.

Diagram of how soundwaves are rejected by wax

Is microsuction suitable for hearing aid wearers

Yes! Microsuction is the preferred method of ear wax removal Brisbane for hearing aid wearers, as it is efficient and is considered a good procedure. Having the ears clear of wax helps your hearing aids to work to the best of their ability.


How can I stop or prevent these issues?

Most hearing aid wearers require microsuction ear wax removal once or twice yearly* for those with narrow ear canals, microsuction may be required quarterly.

*This is a general guide; some individuals may require microsuction more regularly depending on their ear wax production.


Can I wear my hearing aids straight after the Microsuction procedure?

Yes! You should be able to hear much clearer afterwards.


Why should I have microsuction before a hearing test?

Having the ears clear of wax allows for an accurate reading of your hearing’s sound and pitch. Therefore, your audiologist can adjust your hearing aids to the perfect level and have a true depiction of your hearing. 


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