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Flight Safe Ear Plugs – Children

Flight safe plugs help to manage pressure changes against your ear drums when flying. They also block out noise.


Children in particular, often suffer from pain in the ears while landing. The little ones receive a very special present, to make holiday travel not just pain-free but entertaining as well.


How they work:

During descent and landing, the air pressure inside an airplane rises very quickly. The Eustachian tube connecting the nasopharynx with the middle ear must ensure through a so-called active opening that the air pressure in the middle ear rises too.  FlightSafe ear plugs form a tiny pressure chamber in front of the ear drum to allow air pressure in the ear canal increases slower.


How To Use

Before take off

If you have felt pressure in the ear and pain even at the start of the flight, it is recommended to insert the ear plugs before take off. Keep the plugs in for at least 30 minute after take off.

The pressure conditions in the cabin normally don’t change at cruising altitude until the aircraft begins to descend. During flights of less than an hour and half duration, we recommend wearing FlightSafe ear plugs during the entire flight, especially since the ear protection additionally works to reduce noise.


Before landing

You should always insert the ear plugs 45 minutes before the planned decent as the air pressure in the cabin rises rapidly. It is recommended to leave the plugs in until you are inside the airport building, to allow the Eustachian tubes sufficient time to equalise the pressure.