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Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

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The Dri-Eze(TM) Hearing Aid Dehumidifier features an innovative built-in desiccant lining that removes damaging moisture to prolong the life of your hearing aids and improve sound quality. At night, simply put your hearing aids into the dehumidifier and close the lid. Works with all hearing aids. Removes moisture for six months from first use. Includes Dri-Eze Dehumidifier and protective foam pad.


  • Flip-top lid for easy opening and closing.
  • Protects hearing aids when not in use.
  • Works with all hearing aids.
  • No batteries or electricity needed.
  • Does not require recharging or reactivating the desiccant lining; simply replace with a new Dri-Eze(TM) Dehumidifier
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