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Why Do I Have Excessive Ear Wax Build Up

So what is the cause of excessive ear wax build up? Our professional ear cleaning nurses explore the various factors that contribute to excessive ear wax production and build up. Excessive ear wax build up, also known as cerumen impaction, is a common issue that can cause discomfort, hearing difficulties, and even temporary hearing loss. To efficiently manage ear wax and prevent excessive build up, it is essential to understand its underlying causes.


Common Causes of Excessive Ear Wax Build Up


1. Natural Wax Production

Ear wax is a natural substance produced by the glands in the ear canal. It serves as a protective mechanism, lubricating the ear canal and trapping dust, debris, and bacteria. Some individuals naturally produce more ear wax than others, leading to a higher likelihood of excessive build up.


2. Genetics

Genetics can play a role in determining an individual’s ear wax production. Certain genetic variations can result in either drier or stickier ear wax, which may contribute to the accumulation of wax in the ear canal.


3. Anatomy of the Ear Canal

The shape and size of the ear canal can influence the likelihood of excessive wax build up. Narrow or curvy ear canals can impede the natural migration of ear wax out of the ear, increasing the chances of impaction.


4. Excessive Cleaning

Ironically, excessive cleaning of the ears can contribute to the build up of ear wax. When individuals attempt to remove wax using cotton swabs or other objects, they often push the wax deeper into the ear canal. This can disrupt the natural self-cleaning process, leading to a greater accumulation of wax over time.


5. Use of Hearing Aids, Earplugs and other in-ear devices

Frequent use of hearing aids, earplugs, or earphones can contribute to ear wax build up. These devices can prevent the natural migration of wax out of the ear and create an environment where wax accumulates more readily. The also tend to sit right when ear wax is produced, therefore this can “trick” the ear into needing to protect itself – aka, produce more wax.


6. Skin Conditions

Certain skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis and surfers ear can affect the ear canal’s lining. In some cases, these conditions can lead to increased production of ear wax or alterations in its consistency, making it more prone to build up.


7. Environmental Factors

Environmental factors, such as living in a dusty or polluted area, can contribute to the accumulation of debris and particles in the ear canal. This can mix with ear wax, leading to a faster buildup and potential impaction.

Living in a humid environment may cause the ears to become more damp. therefore causing more ear infections – if wax isn’t removed regularly, this poses as a high risk for infections in this environments. In particular, if you work outside or swim often.


8. Age-related Changes

As individuals age, changes in the consistency and texture of ear wax may occur. Older adults may experience drier ear wax, which is more likely to accumulate and harden, increasing the chances of impaction. More wax may also produce during hormonal changes, such as pregnancy.


Ready To Remove That Excessive Ear Wax Build Up?

It is important to note that while understanding the causes of excessive ear wax build up is crucial, attempting to remove it at home using improper methods can result in complications. Visit the Ear Cleaning Clinic for a gentle and efficient ear wax removal gold coast.

In conclusion, several factors contribute to excessive ear wax build up, including natural wax production, genetics, ear canal anatomy, excessive cleaning, use of hearing aids or earplugs, skin conditions, environmental factors, and age-related changes. By being aware of these causes, individuals can take preventive measures and seek appropriate care to maintain optimal ear health.

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