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Baby & Toddler Ear Infection Treatment

Baby, Toddler and Child Outer Ear Infection Treatment Available

Parents all want the best for their children, to be able to live a happy, healthy life, pain-free. So when an outer ear infection hits, you need quick, fast relief from symptoms and pain. At the Ear Cleaning Clinic, we are experienced in child ear infection treatment.

Get Fast Relief for your Toddler With Ear Infection Treatment

If you think your child or toddler may have an ear infection, we can assess your child with a quick appointment for treatment. We all know that children love to put things in places they shouldn’t, and foreign objects in ears are also known to cause ear infections. You may not even have seen your child do it, or perhaps while cleaning, the tip of the cotton bud got stuck in their ear, another cause of ear infections. An assessment of the child with our specific tools can help determine the cause of the infection or even what type, bacterial or viral; the infection may be.

The infection can be cleared out using Microsuction technology, the latest safe, efficient and gentle removal of infections. This low-pressure vacuum process clears the infection, removes the build-up of wax in your child’s ear, or the foreign object if that is the case, opening the ear canal. Medicated ear drops, which can be prescribed by your GP to rid the infection further, will be more efficient with no blockage of the ear.

Microsuction is a safe, gentle, and efficient  technique for child or toddler ear infection treatment, provided your toddler is over two years of age. For children six years and under there is some preparation you need to undertake before Microsuction can occur. Because toddlers and children often have hard wax, you need to administer softening drops into the ear before your visit. Compounded wax in the ear makes it hard for children to sit through the Microsuction treatment, although we assure you it is painless. Softening before the session will make it more comfortable, effortless, and efficient all around. Just a tickle in the ear.

It is vital for a child or toddler who has a suspected ear infection to get specially medicated softening drops, such as Sofradex, from your GP before your Microsuction session.

Baby Ear Infection Treatment

Although Microsuction is not a suitable treatment for a baby ear infection, we can provide treatment. Using other tools, we can assess your baby for an ear infection and offer recommendations for treatment, be it a holistic approach, drops, or a referral. No parent wants to see their baby struggling, so if you notice itchiness, pain, swelling or discharge around the ear, contact us for an appointment.

Our ear expert is a registered nurse with more than twenty years in the health profession, including being a communal child health nurse, so you can rest assured your baby is in experienced hands. Tracey is highly qualified in the ear health field, specialising since 2008. She is just waiting to help ease the pain of your child’s ear infection while providing education that could help you in the future.

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