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Professionally Clear Blocked Ear Wax and Ear Infections

Professional Ear Cleaning Services for Blocked Ears, Ear wax or Ear Infections

Your friends are having the time of their lives, doing your favourite activity while you’re missing out due to ear problems. Most likely they are down at the beach enjoying the sun and surf. Whether it’s surfer’s ear, swimmer’s ear, pain, infection, excessive wax or an unknown, blocked ear that’s keeping you away, our professionals at the Ear Cleaning Clinic can promptly get you back to doing what you love. With over ten years of experience, our friendly, fully registered, ear expert nurse can see you without delay. A quick booking online or via phone can get you an appointment within one to two days.

Quick Professional Ear Wax and Blocked Ear Cleaning

You don’t need to suffer from a congested ear. We have the latest technology that is gentle and efficient, removing excessive ear wax or foreign objects within the 15minute appointment. Using a micro-suction technique, the dry vacuum process requires no water, no syringe or preparation beforehand, making it gentle. Simply sit comfortably back in the chair and let our ear Nurse expert take care of the problem.

Our professional ear wax cleaning service is recommended for all those who have issues with diminished hearing, pain while flying, or feeling off balance – impacted wax can be a cause or even frequent use of earplugs or hearing aids.

You will be well informed and taken care of, as our blocked ear wax removal service doesn’t just stop at the clearing of the ear. We aim to explain findings, provide information about ear conditions and help assess if you’ll require an ear cleaning services again. If the additional recommendation is necessary, we will not hesitate to advise specific treatment, or recommend referrals to an ENT expert or Audiologist.

Ask Us for Help with Ear Infection Cleaning

If you have itchy ears, eczema, a weepy ear, or pain due to infection, we can help get you on the mend fast. An ear infection clean will help suction away any debris, opening up the canal, allowing ear drops to enter. The relief of irritation will help you to hear better and remove that clogged feeling, while also determining a bacterial or viral cause of the infection. Correct medicated drops can then be recommended to aid in the treatment of the infection. You’ll be one step closer to hanging out with friends, with better hearing.

Using the microsuction process for ear infection cleaning also has the bonus of helping to prevent further reoccurrence of the infection, as opposed to using a syringe which can encourage bacteria and fungus to grow. In this hot, humid Queensland climate ear infections are not uncommon as the weather is perfect for the rapid growth of bacteria, so you are not alone. We have used the latest technique numerous times to help clean out ear infections. Patients have additionally taken advantage of our ear plug range, a convenient way to prevent water from entering the ear while the infection is eradicated.

Whether it’s a slight pain, discomfort, or blocked ear, our professional expert ear nurse is here to help get you back doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

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