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Nurse using microsuction on patient to remove wax build up

Blocked Ear Wax Removal Services

Get Your Blocked Ear Cleared at Ear Wax Removal Clinic

You’ve repeatedly asked “Pardon?” or “What?” so many times now that it’s starting to become embarrassing, or likely you turn down dinner invitations, knowing that even a few people in the room will make it hard to hear. Wax build up in the ear causes blocked ears resulting in the diminished hearing but can be removed through a safe, gentle, and efficient process. Microsuction is the latest technology used at the Ear Cleaning Clinic offering fast and easy ear wax removal.

Ear Wax Removal Via Microsuction Helps you Hear Better

More like a slight tickle in the ear blocked ear wax removal occurs via a gentle vacuum process, called microsuction. This is especially recommended for those who have previously had ear surgery, wear hearing aids, have a hole in the eardrum, or are prone to dizziness. The Microsuction process involves very little, and all you have to do is relax back in a chair. Our expert ear cleaning nurse will place a funnel in your ear and, using a magnifying tool, will examine the ear for microscopic particles. The low-pressure vacuum removal of excess ear wax allows you to hear better and therefore feel better. No more repeatedly saying, “Pardon?”

You’ll also be able to hear our friendly nurse explain the findings of your Microsuction treatment, which is all part of our ear wax removal service. Information about ear conditions or how frequently you may require a visit to our ear wax removal clinic will help you know that you don’t have to put up with reduced hearing.

The benefits of our ear wax removal clinic using the Microsuction technology is the zero preparation needed on your part before your appointment. This makes it less time consuming for you with appointments being available almost immediately, and only taking around fifteen minutes of your valuable time. Simply contact us by email or phone to book your appointment now. No referral is necessary.

Prevention Better than Cure

We understand that by the time the ear wax has built up and caused you reduced hearing, your life is already a misery. That’s why we have a few prevention products such as earplugs that can help you minimise the cause of excessive ear wax, decreasing the likelihood of blocked ears.

In this Queensland climate, surfing and swimming are everyday activities but could mean water in the ear. Our Surfears plugs are ideal for keeping the water and sand out without impeding your hearing. Not sure if you have surfer’s ear? We are happy to assess your ears at no charge and make the best recommendations for you. As an alternative option, our Docs proplugs are designed to protect swimmer’s ears from infection and cold water. These come in eight different sizes, so are also beneficial for children who have ventilation tubes. We also stock mighty plugs 99%noise blocking plugs for sleep and miracell ear drops for itchy ears they are amazing and all natural oils. To find out what option will best suit your lifestyle, just come on in, no appointment necessary.

Located in Mermaid Beach, we are just waiting to hear from you.

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